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Last thursday, at Halloween,  we’ve protested against the WRS law proposal, scroll down for the video!
During the protest we also handed out flyers to the public, with the following text:

The government proposed “Regulation on Sex Work” is harming the rights of sex workers all over the Netherlands! The stated intent of the Government is to “protect” the rights of sex workers with things like

1] The compulsory registration, and licencing, of all sex workers in a national registry

2]  The limitation of the number of physical working spaces for sex workers

3] The re-introduction of a variation of the “Pimp Law”, where every third-party associated with unlicenced sex workers can be considered their “pimp”

4] The criminalization of clients who receive the services of unlicenced sex workers

All these measures stem from a perspective that victimizes sex workers and views sex work as an inherently exploitative profession.  They have been tried in several other european countries and have failed to promote sex workers’ rights or protect victims of trafficking. All these measures ignore the collective experience of the worldwide sex workers’ rights movement.

The proposed law further exposes us to danger by allowing municipalities to limit the number of working spaces on arbitrary grounds of preference and public order. When asked, sex workers in the Netherlands indicated that having access to public, organized, and safe working spaces is the single most contributing factor to the betterment of their physical safety, psychological well-being, and overall health. This, combined with the proposed criminalization of clients who meet with unlicensed sex workers, has the potential to increase the incidents of violence against sex workers.

The proposed law will only push more sex work underground and deteriorate our working conditions, while letting victims of human trafficking go unnoticed.

We will not allow that to happen!

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